We're Revolutionizing Giving Through Product Purchases

Pilot Test Success

This holiday season, we worked with six nonprofits including Salvation Army and Delaware State Social Services. Donors from 18 different states used CommuniGift to purchase products for over 750 families in need from California, North Carolina, and Delaware. We saw conversion rates 4x the industry average and had 20+ corporations use the site. We couldn’t be more excited to have such great success in our pilot test and we thank you all for being a part of it.

Looking Towards the Future

In the coming months, we’ll be launching a full version of the platform that enables parents to turn their children’s birthday into a charitable gifting experience through online product donations. When we founded CommuniGift, it was our goal to revolutionize online and social giving by creating an experience that is convenient, transparent, and exciting for givers of all ages. After the wonderful test this past November/December and the feedback from both our donors and our nonprofit partners, we’re really excited to launch the full platform. We’ll be in touch soon. If your child has a birthday coming up soon and you’d like to be a beta-tester, click here.

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