Inspiring the big hearts of little kids

We provide a real, personal, and simple giving opportunity for your child and help them celebrate the good we all have in common.

Celebrate your birthday

Make others possible

Mimi turned 10 and had a blast decorating cake with her friends

Mimi matched with Renata

Renata’s family celebrated her 5th birthday and loved her new book

Colt had a water balloon toss in his backyard

Colt matched with Harry

Harry felt like a superstar

Giving through CommuniGift feels great because:

  • You can select the specific child you want to help
  • You know your gift is something the child truly wants and needs
  • We make it easy for your child to understand the importance of helping others

We work with incredible nonprofits to empower children on their birthdays.

Birthday buddies receive meaningful items everyday

A guest of Gracen's birthday purchased Form Fitter for Lizeth from Florence Crittenton Services.
23 minutes ago
A guest of Landon's birthday purchased Zoo Little Kid Backpack Owl for Dina from Tomchei LA.
2 hours ago
A guest of Landon's birthday purchased The Phantom Tollbooth for Marcus from The Study Hall.
2 hours ago
A guest of Piper's birthday purchased Design your own superhero mask for Callie from Salvation Army of Southern California.
3 hours ago

Empowering givers to feel the impact they can have on the world

And helping them to inspire others to experience the good of giving

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